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R&D Institutes, Academia


Digitalization (IoT, AI)


Industrial Workers Training Ladder


Digitalization (IoT, AI)

R&D Institutes 

Applied Research


Basic Research


Implementation by Professionals and fabricators

Bank (Finance)

Networking with Bio & SME projects Financing Institutions for setting up Maize based 25 Bio projects and Eco Industrial Park


Joining hand with Academia, R&D Institutes, BDSP (Business development Service Providers) for A to Z professional inputs 


IT value chain from IT graduates capacity building, organizing local IT work, establishing knowledge value chain, in particular Bio informatic and launching 4.0 

Training Ladder

"Industrial Workers Training Ladder" to bridge the academia - industry gaps with hands on experience & theoretical knowledge 

Benefits For Investors for Industry and SEZ

  • All the fundamentals - Finance, Knowledge, IT, Human Resource under one roof

  • Professional services - Finance, Technical, Marketing one stop shop

  • Project implementation package - Engineering, Construction, Management, Human Resource, Data base 

  • Knowledge Value Chain at 4 pillars

  • Product value chain -  Maize, Processing, Global Connectivity

Academia Industry Govt. Helix

  • MOU with:

  • Universities

  • Federal, provincial Govt.

  • PIEDMC, SMEDA etc.

Knowledge Value Chain

  • IT (Digitalization for govt. & private sector)

  • R&D Institutes (Applied Research)

  • Academia (Basic Research)

  • implementation by BDSP (Business Development Service Providers)

Knowledge Shop

  • Bio related Instructions

  • Agriculture

  • Biotech

  • Engineering

  • Other Industry related

Youth-SME-G20 Triangle


Facilitating bilateral cooperation & deepening economic integration.
Youth has an integral role in connectivity

Knowledge Corridor


International Linkages with

Institutions in China, and G20 countries for local capacity building.

Our Focus


Setting up “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT for ease of doing business. Setting up “Knowledge Value Chain at 4 pillars” for Bio, Chemical & Food processing sectors.

Benefits For Academia

  • University’s initiative will boost its ranking & image in SME and corporate sector

  • Internships, grants, and jobs for students

  • Assignments for faculty from the corporate sector, G20 countries & expats associations

  • Positioning of faculty & students for futuristic bio, IT, engineering, & business sectors

  • Developing entrepreneurship among students - Conducting self-financed seminars by

  • inviting top industrialists and faculty to present their research needed by the industry

About Us

TEC was established in 1992 for investment guidance in industry from project identification till boiler firing  


Building Available

Plot 6 & 7

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Sundar Industrial Estate

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