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Letter to Prime Minister Economic Advisory Council

Road map - Economic & Technological sovereignty

Fully utilizing available potential, benefiting China, G20 countries  

 Implementing by self-sustainable Public – Private Partnership

A road map for developing Youth - SME – (China, G20) triangle for 5 level linkages (Exports, Joint ventures, Technology, etc.), biotechnology industrial parks for 45 exportable bio products based on the major crops maize & sugarcane, and taking Expatriates in the development loop.

TEC works for setting up new industries & is considered the highest performance industrial consultancy in the country.   

It is requested that Implementation by Self-sustainable, PPP may please be considered:

  i. Industry Resource Centre BKIT (Bank/investment Co., Knowledge shop – 

     Universities/ RDI, ICT/IT & Training) with China, G20 countries. (Revival of

     SME Development Centre with MOF  is requested)

  ii. Developing China, G20 Knowledge Corridor for capacity building: (EAD help

      is requested)

       a.    Know-how for import substitution (US $ 8 to 10 billion)

       b.    Rural industrialization by benefiting SPARK, TOURCH, programs

  iii. Seminars, webinar by inviting top 500 entrepreneurs in the country

  iv. Facilitating expatriates in setting up industrial parks in the private sector like

      Sialkot airport in collective.

TEC has the track record, BKIT model registered with IPO Pakistan, PPP arrangements with federal/ provincial Govt. , youth internship program, expatriates package and the physical infrastructure, it’s a matter of scaling up.


Revival of the SME Development Center with the Ministry of Finance and the Govt. of Punjab is Requested. Selection letter and the former Chief Minister Punjab Honorable Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif instructions are  attached. 

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