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EPC Projects

A. Our Track record:
Olympia Soda Ash project – (1998) The 1st project after the independence of Pakistan was set up in the country, with 60,000 T/Y capacity, it’s now expanded to 300,000 T/Y
Premier Industrial alcohol - (2007) It’s the biggest distillery in the country with 400,000 Liter/Day (10, 000 T/Y) capacity for manufacturing the excellent grade alcohol from molasses.
Oxychem - The 1st Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) project (2008) was established in the country.
B. Current Mega Projects in hand
 i. Maize processing industrial complex/Zone
   a. Ethanol; Super fine, DDGS, Corn oil 
   b. 20 Maize based projects,
 ii. Soda ash industrial complex
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