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Sugar Industry future is in Diversification to

25 Bio and Value-added Products 


Sugarcane juice, Molasses, Vinasse based Bio & value-added products Industrial complex or SEZ to reduce the CAPEX, OPEX
Project Outline

A. Core project: Ethanol – (170 T/D + biofertilizer 190 T/D) ($ 20 Million)

B. Distillery waste-based Biofertilizer (Potassium Pholvic acid) 88 T/D


Project Cost: US $ 4.2 Million, Building: 3000 M2, Manpower: 25 persons

C. Futuristic bioproducts: (Outsourcing, Chinese, European investors)

  1. Edible Dry yeast from molasses  5000 T/Y ($ 7.1 Million)

  2. Amino Acid                                  10,000 T/Y ($ 7.8 Million)

  3. Sodium Gluconate Project            30,000 T/Y ($ 8.5 Million)

  4. Citric acid                                    20,000  T/Y ($ 9 Million)

  5. Lactic Acid                                   5000   T/Y ($ 4 Million) + 30,000 ($ 18 M)

D. Value-added products:

Yeast, Xylitol, Wax and fat, Vinegar, Vinasse, Vermicomposting, Sugar (Refined, Raw, Specialty), Substrate for Mushroom, Soil Conditioner, Plastics, Pesticides, Paperboard, Paper, Monosodium Glutamate, Methane gas, Glycerol, Glass and Ceramic manufacturing, Furfural, Fuel: Pellets, Fertilizer, Feed for poultry, Ethylene Glycol, Ethylene, Ethanol, Enzymes, Electricity, Distilled Spirits, Concrete from bagasse, Composts, Citric Acid, Cellulosic pulp, Carbon dioxide Gas, Briquettes, Bioplastics, Bio-detergent, Animal feed, Amino acids, Alpha Cellulose, Alcohol derivatives, Acetone, Acetic Acid, Acetaldehyde.


E. SEZ outline: 
  i. Land: 60 to 100 Acre

    Core own project: 20 Acres

    Utilities: Acre + Residential: acres

  ii. Selling out for related industry: acres (Reducing CAPEX)
  iii. Plugin related industry: (Reducing OPEX)

  Input related industry Downstream industry: 5 Bioproducts: Edible Dry yeast + Lysin

  + Sodium Gluconate Project + Citric Acid + Probiotic


F. Prospects: 
  i. Cane juice, Molasses based bioproducts demand at increase
  ii. Huge export potential of all the products

G. Financing and Attracting Investment:
 i.   Hybrid equipment, (local, Chinese, European), core project financing from Europe

 ii.  Roadshow in China, Brussels for outsourcing bioproducts manufacturing 

 iii. Road map for attracting investment

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