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Transforming to environment friendly products, Futuristic industry, Synergising 

TEC is based at plot 6 & 7 Sundar industrial Estate offering 4 Kinal rental place for Industrial Worker's Training Ladder, Co-workstations, Fabrication & relevant activities

“Industry Resource Centre” & “Knowledge value chain at 4 pillars” at plot 6 & 7 Sundar Industrial Estate

As per our horizon analysis Chemical, Pharma, Packaging, Food, Poultry Feed, Environment sectors are going to transform due to bio products. Maize, Sugarcane, based 48 bio projects are going to overtake textile sector in 10 to 15 years. For competitiveness Eco industrial parks, SEZ and horizonal, vertical integrated industrial clusters will come up. 

TEC was established in 1992 and considered the highest performance industrial consultancy in the country. Have set up Rs. Multi Billion green field projects; Soda ash, Ethanol, 400,000 ltr/day (Sheikhupura) and H2O2 etc.23 projects. Punjab has had only these mega green field chemical plants for the last 30 years. Scaling up by setting up Industry Resource Centre - BKIT (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, IT/ICT, Training) under one roof & knowledge value chain at 4 pillars for ease of doing business.
We manage the hybrid production line most economically by: 
i. Production line section wise analysis at nut, bolt level for deciding local fabrication or importing from China, developed countries. 
ii. Forming and managing the consortium of R&D institute, equipment manufacturers. Harmonizing local, Chinese, EU, G20 equipment, know how.


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