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                                                      Sundar Industrial Estate

SUB: Industry Resource Centre at plot 6 & 7, SIE

TEC have the honor to be member of SIE community since 2004. We are initiating the following and looking forward to develop synergy like TATA consultancy with Pharma, Chemical, Food Processing, Engineering, Packaging, Cosmetics, Paints, Textile Sectors. 

i. Bio Solution to the existing Industry, Bio Fertilizer etc. for Zero Pollution.
ii. Digitalization or 4.0
iii. Export lead, green 25 bio projects based on Maize, etc. Local Raw Materials
iv. Existing Industry 5 Level Linkages with China, G20 countries. (Exports, Joint Ventures, Technology Transfer, IT/ICT, Training)

TEC was established in 1992 and considered the highest performing industrial consultancy in the country. Have set up Rs. Multi Billion investment Olympia Soda ash, Premier Ethanol, 400,000 ltr/day (Sheikhupura) and H2O2 etc.23 projects. Punjab has had only these mega green filed chemical plants for the last 30 years.


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