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Action Plan for Key Role of Youth in Economic & Technological Sovereignty
Implementing by Academia – Industry – Govt Helix 4-Pronged Strategy

Youth can play key role in meeting the economic challenges, by facilitating existing SME, export lead value addition & entrepreneurship. The 4 pronged strategy is proposed to be implemented by academia – industry – Govt. helix. It’s the road map for the bright future of the youth & country.

Academia– Industry– Govt Helix for Implementing 4 Pronged Strategy:

1. Existing SME growth: Youth–SME – China, G20 triangle for 5 level linkages (Exports, joint ventures, Technology, Training, Competitive) Bio solution & 4.0

2. Lead role of Academia in industrialization, Export lead 48 bio industries based on maize, sugarcane. “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, IT/ICT, Training) under one roof for ease of doing business.

3. Bio Knowledge value chain at 4 pillars; digitalization (4.0, AI, IoT), RDI (Applied research), Academia (basic research) & implementation by BDSP (Business development service providers) & engineering industry. knowledge shop & knowledge corridor with China, G20 countries for capacity building.

4. Developing entrepreneurship among students & faculty arranging Self-
financed seminar by inviting top 400 industrialists, Expats, global investors.


HEC Policy Support for Economic Activism:

i. University would take the responsibility for the 100% employment of the graduates and would only be doing need-based research. Arranging seminar on existing industry world best practices & export lead industry.
ii. M. Phil, Ph. D etc. higher studies would only after 3 to 5 years of field work.
iii. Entrepreneurship development in faculty & students.


TEC offers joining hands with Academia. Our strengths; 30 years track record of setting up futuristic industry at 4 pillar & upgrading existing. The 5 knowledge products registered with IPO; BKIT, KVC etc. Public-private partnership with Federal/Punjab Govt. Physical infrastructure at Sundar estate, Defense road. TEC directors have developed 48 bio projects & Bio Eco industrial parks in private sector like Sialkot Airport in collective in particular for expats.

End results:
i. Fully utilizing Youth, SME, Expat potential for economic activism.
ii. Developing Academia–Industry–Govt. helix & Knowledge Corridor with
China, G20 countries for local capacity building.
iii. Meeting climate change challenges by applying biotechnology, IT
iv. Fast pace wide spread industrialization, job creation, exports
v. Achieving economic and technological sovereignty

BKIT Services - Under One Roof


  • Collaborative arrangements with Banks / financial institutions

  • Knowledge shop: Joining hand with R&D institutes & universities

  • ICT/IT products or SME under one roof

  • Organizing the industrial workers' training ladder.

  • For setting up 60,000 T/Y Ethanol, DDGS, Corn oil projects along with 20 Maize based projects industrial estate infrastructure and utilities.

  • There is a great unexplored potential of win-win economic cooperation between Pakistan and Europe due to the following factors:

  i.  Pakistan has cheaper raw materials, labor force, freight to the Middle East, Central Asia,            West Asia. 

  ii. Europe has the technology, equipment, and finance 

  • We are looking for long term collaboration in food processing, Chemical, and Biotechnology sectors.

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