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Academia – industry – Government Helix

4-Pronged Strategy to apply Biotechnology & IT

For meeting Climate Change Challenges


Keeping in view the Climate Change Challenges, state of the Economy, Academia – Industry Linkages, upcoming Technologies; (Bio, IT) and the Future of Youth; 4 Pronged Strategy is proposed. Implementation by academia – industry – Govt. helix.

Academia – industry – Govt. Helix 4 Pronged Strategy to apply New Technologies:
1. Existing industry Bio solution & 4.0: Bio, IT solutions & Youth – SME – G20 triangle for 5 level linkages (Technology, Training, Competitive, Exports, Joint Venture)
2. Academia being head not the tail of industrialization, Export lead 48 bio industries based on local raw materials (maize, sugarcane) & keeping in view 30 to 50 years green development world demand & bio Eco Industrial Park.
3. Bio Knowledge value chain at 4 pillars; digitalization (4.0, AI, IoT), RDI (Applied research), Academia (basic research) & implementation by BDSP (Business development service providers) & engineering industry. Bio Knowledge Shop and Knowledge Corridor with China, G20 countries for capacity building.
4. Developing entrepreneurship among students & faculty arranging Self-financed seminar by inviting top 400 industrialists, Expats, BKIT relevant organizations. Setting up “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT (Bank/Finance, Knowledge, IT/ICT, Training) under one roof for ease of doing business.



Our Motto: "Pakistan future in Bio, IT & ; Youth future in Entrepreneurship"

End results:
i. Meeting climate change challenges by applying biotechnology, IT
ii. Fast pace wide spread industrialization, job creation, exports
iii. Fully utilizing Youth, SME potential for expanding the industrial base
iv. Developing Academia–Industry–Govt. helix & Knowledge Corridor with China, G20 countries for local capacity building.
v. Strengthening economic and technological sovereignty

Academia - Industry - Government Helix
Roundtable on IT and Computer Science

Being the Industry Representative the gap analysis, way forward & implementation mechanism is mentioned below:


  • Aligning with Pakistan’s IT industrial application market demand horizon analysis for coming 30 to 50 years for the appropriate positioning of the students & faculty. Like upcoming biotechnology industry requirements. Bio – IoT, AI, bioinformatics etc.

  • Aligning with Pakistan's existing industries in particular SME’s IT requirements for making education market demand oriented and developing the Industry connectivity mechanism.

  • Entrepreneurship mindset development content/courses and entrepreneurship nurturing mechanism in collaboration with
    Industry Resource centers/ SME Development Centre.

  • Recently IT entrepreneurs and/or investors from USA visited Pakistan and identified gaps in the skills set of the graduates vis-e-vie IT Industry requirements.

TEC Suggestions:

  • Making IT education relevant to upcoming industry. For example, IT requirements related for the futuristic 45 bio projects based on 3 major crops in the country.

  • Academia – Industry – Govt. helix for industry facilitation through “SME development center” & “Industry Resource Centre” BKIT.

  • Introducing books likes Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad, Poor dad etc. courses and the entrepreneurship case studies for the entrepreneurship mindset development.

  • IT centers in self sustainable public – private partnership for graduate’s capacity building and entrepreneurship facilitation

BKIT under one roof TEC
Knowledge shop TEC
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