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TEC has a strong track record and a leading role in setting up trend setting
environment-friendly projects with social impact for the past 30 years. Currently, TEC is
scaling up by establishing a Bio industry resource Centre – BKIT (Bank/Finance,
Knowledge shop, IT/ICT, and training) under one roof and bio knowledge value chain at
4 pillars.

TEC’s Initiatives for Biotechnology Revolution in Pakistan

IRC-BKIT will be bringing financial institutions, knowledge organization, R&D centers, IT companies, and vocational training under one roof for the ease of setting greenfield bio projects by local, expats, foreign investors. The center will be providing comprehensive services and fostering innovation along with knowledge value chain at 4 pillars.

  • Biotechnology Knowledge Value Chain (KVC) at four pillars

KVC will be a trend setting facility with four pillars: Digitalization (AI, IoT), R&D (Applied Research), Academia (Basic Research), and Implementation by professionals or Business Development Service Providers, Fabricators.

KVC serves as a centralized hub for researchers, biotech companies, IT companies, and industry professionals. It provides access to cutting-edge technologies and its transfer & adaptation, particularly for smaller organizations. It overcomes fragmentation in the biotech sector and creating a bio knowledge eco system.

Both IRC-BKIT and KVC will contribute in biotechnology revolution based on the agrarian economy of Pakistan. It will bring qualitative change in bio industry, employment creation, exports, digitalization and meeting the increasing demand for biotechnological solutions. It will impact Pharmaceuticals, Packaging, Food, Chemicals, Healthcare, Poultry, Animal feed, and Environmental sector.

TEC invites joining hands for biotechnology revolution in the country. We welcome Biotech companies, Investors, Researchers, IT companies, Professionals, Fabricators and Government Entities to collaborate for Biotechnology Ecosystem.

TEC can provide expertise, physical infrastructure at central location and extensive network for advancements in biotechnology for Pakistan's economic growth. We can shape the future of the Biotechnology sector and unlock its vast potential.

  • TEC Key resources to achieve profitability:

TEC’s 30-year track record and marketing network, will attract investors for the Bio Eco Industrial Parks and 48 bio projects. This will create opportunities for Financial Institutions, R&D Institutes, IT/ICT Companies, Training Organizations, and service providers to sell their services and generate revenue.

The Industry Resource Centre (BKIT) will provide ease of doing business to local, foreign, and expatriate investors. We propose establishing bio eco industrial parks like Sialkot Airport model, i.e., in collective by private sector and
48 bio projects with the latest technologies.

TEC's successful track record in setting up multi-billion greenfield projects, Soda Ash, Ethanol, H2O2 etc. demonstrates its ability to execute large-scale ventures.


Biotechnology industry resource center will provide integrated service to investors to establish industry and industrial parks for generation of revenue streams. BKIT model (TEC copyright), which stands for bank, knowledge, IT/ICT, and
training, will be the core framework used to bring together different organizations, services, as facilitating hub.

The strategic location of biotechnology industry resource center at Sundar Industrial Estate, the best in the country offers significant growth opportunities due to natural integration with pharma, food, chemical, packaging, etc. relevant
sectors of bio industry.

TEC has already selected and developed the 48 maize and sugarcane based bio projects keeping in view 30 to 50 years of global demand. The exports led futuristic growth and introducing Industry 4.0 will bring biotechnology, digitalization revolution in the country. It will contribute to GDP and employment.

TEC project is positioned in line with economic and industrial reset in the country i.e. shifting to export lead value addition. TEC will be ensuring the growth and profitability through its integrated services. The BKIT model is IPO registered.

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