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Turning Around Pakistan 

Technology Exchange and Coordination (Pvt.) Ltd. points for "Economic Activism in Self - Sustainable  Public - Private Partnership Policy"

  • Reviving Self-Sustainable PPP - SME Development Center (SDC) with Ministry of Finance’s section 42 company BSF & Positioning in Punjab Province - Two ministers committee was formed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

  Relevant departments: MOF, MOIP, HEC, MOST, BOI, EAD

  SME Development Center can give the following inputs to Turning Around Pakistan


Youth-SME-China G20 Triangle

Youth - SME - China G20 Triangle for 5 Level Linkages [Export, Joint Venture, Technology, Training, Efficiency] for Economic Activism in short term

Industry Resource Center - BKIT

Setting up of IRC - BKIT - [Bank(Finance), Knowledge Shop, ICT/IT, Industrial Workers Training Ladder] under one roof for ease of doing business & implemented by the Academia - Industry - Govt Helix. MOU signed with Shaanxi Provincial Government

  • Knowledge Shop by Universities, RDI Knowledge Corridor with China, G20 countries for Local Capacity Building

  Relevant departments: HEC, MOST, EAD, MOITT, PARC, MNFSR

  Following inputs can be contributed to Turning Around Pakistan


Biotechnology - COE

Biotechnology Center Of Excellence (COE): Bio is the future of Industrialization in the country. By Maize & Sugarcane based 45 Bio products.  

Knowledge Value Chain

Knowledge Value Chain 

4.0, AI, IoT (Digitalization), R&D (Applied research), Academia (Basic research), implementing by BDSP.

ICT/IT Plaza

ICT/IT "Incubation & Entrepreneurship Center" for 8 Universities within 5 km radius for IT Value Chain - HR Developments and Co-work Stations.

  • Suggestions for fast pace, wide spread Industrialization for pulling the Country out from Economic Crises by the following inputs in Public Private Partnership Policy


SEZ - Green Field Projects

Declaring whole country SEZ for 5 years for Green Field Projects as it will attract Huge Investment in SME sector as 94% of the Industry is SME.

          Industrial Vision 

Developing Industrialization Vision mainly by keeping in view Local Raw Materials and 30 to 50 years World Demand for Export Lead Industry. TEC is doing it along with Chinese R&D Institutes & Academia.

        SME - Expat SEZ

SME - Expat SEZ in collective like Sialkot Airport in Private Sector

Civil - Military Collect Effort

Civil & Military Collective Efforts for utilizing Services - Engineering, Academia, R&D & Retired Personals Potential for Industrialization

TEC commit to launch 3 SEZ within 6 months. As complete work is done for Maize & Sugarcane based 45 Bio projects.

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