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“Bio Knowledge Value Chain at 4 pillars”, in integration with “Bio industry resource Centre – BKIT. The target is setting up Bio Eco industrial parks and 48 bio projects based on major crops like sugarcane and maize. These projects aim to promote digitalization and biotechnology based industry. It will enhance exports and will positively affect farmers, industrial workers, and contribute to earning foreign exchange for the country.

Project Brief 

The project is setting up an ICT/IT Plaza at Defense Road for the Bio Knowledge Value Chain at 4 pillars (KVC) and an Industry Resource Centre (BKIT) at Sundar Industrial Estate Lahore, Pakistan. The project aims back offices for IT/ICT work, shared offices for IT/ICT professionals, digitalization of industries, and capacity building for IT graduates.

i. Eight universities and over 300,000 students within the 10 KM radius
ii. Sundar Industrial Estate, Raiwind Road etc. Industrial areas within a 15 km radius.
iii. Our site is well-connected, with the GT road and Lahore-Islamabad motorway for connectivity to Punjab and KPK provinces.  

  • Key Value Proposition to Customers

The Bio knowledge value chain at 4 pillar will provide all professional services, research & implementation under one roof for industrial project’s investors. The Bio Knowledge Ecosystem will foster collaboration, innovation and linkages among professionals, researchers and industry and will offer comprehensive back-office support to expatriates addressing their needs.

Above all, the project solves the problem of fragmented services by providing a Centre for all professional services required under one roof. Along with facilitating capacity building of graduates, contributing to skill development and increasing employability.


  • Project Profitability

i. The building for the Knowledge Value Chain will be rented out to IT/ICT companies, R&D institutes, universities and professionals, creating a Knowledge Shop.
ii. The building will be rented out to BDSPs or professionals for their business outlets.
iii. Co-work stations within the building will be offered for rent, catering to the growing demand for working spaces.

  • TEC Resources for Profitability

i. 5 kinal commercial plot located at Defense Road, which is a prime location. This plot will be utilized for the construction of the IT/ICT plaza.
ii. 16 kinal plot at Sundar Industrial Estate, specifically the first corner plot at Gate #1. This plot will be used for establishing the Industry Resource Centre (IRC) - BKIT.

iii. TEC’s track record and marketing network, will attract investors for the Bio Eco Industrial parks and 48 bio projects from maize and sugarcane. This will create opportunities for financial institutions, R&D institutes, IT/ICT companies, training organizations, and service providers to sell their services and generate revenue.
iv. TEC will manage back offices for expatriates, providing them with the necessary support to conduct their operations effectively.

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